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the backwards me

running through my fandom-filled mind

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23 March 1983
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  • 38gnihsurc@livejournal.com


I am a historian by trade, but I can't ignore my creative tendencies. I like to write fanfiction and drabbles, make icons and wallpapers, and draw fanart.

Most of my work misses the mark; but every once and a while, I do something well!


This journal acts as a first stop for work I do, before it ends up on my website, crimson champagne.

(Based on the amount of site updates I've been making lately, though, sometimes this journal is the only stop for my creative fan work!)

I usually use tags to keep tabs on everything. So, if you don't want to scroll through the whole journal, peek at the column on the left side of my journal's recent entries page.

Also, some of the subjects I approach in art and fiction are more for adults. I used to have a porn filter* but I recently decided to stop using it. I'm just going to put clear warnings on what isn't for younger audiences or for work computers, and trust visitors to use good judgement!

Most of the fanart and fanfiction featured here is based on the following television shows:

Alias, America's Next Top Model, Canada's Next Top Model, CSI, Dark Angel, Dead Like Me, ER, Felicity, Gilmore Girls, Grey's Anatomy, House, NCIS, One Tree Hill, Psych, Sailor Moon, Sports Night, Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, The Daily Show, The L Word, The West Wing, Veronica Mars, and Weeds...

and on the following novel universes:

Anita Blake, and Harry Potter...

and on a variety of movies!

The layout is Smooth Sailing, with my own colours. The background pattern was made by colorfilter, but I put it into greyscale to fit the layout's colour scheme.

*If you friended me for the porn filter, I apologise for the hassle and the space I take up on your friends list! Feel free to unfriend me if you want to!


&& Annika Von Holdt
&& cirratus.org
&& 8nero
&& Hybrid-Genesis
&& spy-glass
&& Echoica Brushes

&& 100x100_brushes
&& anesthezea
&& calixa
&& carbon_paper
&& colorfilter
&& counterglow
&& inxsomniax
&& echac
&& eightyfour__
&& eiluned
&& leftofmyheart
&& codestothestars
&& fluffy_monster
&& jolie_papier
&& liminalstate
&& meleada
&& miggy
&& nardasarmy
&& okayicons
&& oxoniesis
&& pekeana
&& hecatesknickers
&& baublez
&& quebelly
&& saava
&& teh_indy
&& saturness
&& __kali__

&& cap_it

&& Screencappiness
&& Screencap Paradise
&& Alias Media
&& Luke's Diner
&& opposites-are-polar.net
&& Eyes Only
&& celebrity-scans.com
&& Scantastic
&& Sparkling Diamonds
&& Sugar High
&& Internet Movie Database
&& Aimless Glee
&& Delightful and Delicious
&& Black Glass


1. a) Beware of the ratings system I use:
&& gee -- safe for all audiences;
&& pea.gee;
&& pea.gee.xiii -- might contain some questionable material (like explicit language);
&& arr -- contains some adult themes;
&& en.sea.xvii -- only for mature (and legal!) audiences.

1. b) Beware of the warnings I sometimes use:
&& NWS -- Not Work Safe;
&& KINK -- self-explanatory, no? (usually used to warn for leather, D/s, and other kinky themes);
&& DUBCON -- Dubious Consent;
&& SPOILER -- will contain information from a new show, episode, movie, or book.

2. Feedback is great. I love hearing what you think, good or bad. If you want to point out what didn't work, or how to make it better, go right ahead. All I ask is that you please do not yell at me. Be tastefully honest. Okay?

3. Do not take my work and try to pass it off as your own.

4. If you like my icons and want to use one (or more) please do the following:
&& download the icon and then host it on your own space before linking through livejournal, or just upload it through livejournal off of your hard drive;
&& comment on the entry post, telling me which you took;
&& give 38gnihsurc keyword or comment credit on your livejournal userpics page;
&& keep in mind that textless icons are not bases for you to play with;
&& enjoy the icon(s)!

5. If you're going to take a wallpaper or other piece of artwork, just comment to its post and let me know!


i'm in gryffindor!

be sorted @ nimbo.net

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